High School Sophomore Devastated After Getting Dumped in a 1-Week Relationship

MIAMI—Local high sophomore Ric Hayden, a 15-year-old, was left bedridden on Wednesday after being dumped by his girlfriend. “I’m just devastated,” Ric said. “It was our first week anniversary and she just left me as if nothing happened.” 

“I just don’t think I’ll ever find anyone else like her,” Ric added.

Being Ric’s first serious relationship, Mrs. Hayden told him to play it cool and avoid eye contact. “I just don’t get why it didn’t work. My mom is a dating expert; she’s been through at least 8 guys.” Ric responded. 

According to Ric’s mom, Ric has barely eaten or slept for 3 days after the heartbreak. “He stays in his room all day, only coming out once in a while for a box of tissues,” Mrs. Hayden says. 

Days later after his hiatus, Ric emerged from his room pale and thin, but was completely over the break up. In fact, he couldn’t even remember her name, “It was like, like I didn’t even know her. I have definitely grown and matured from this experience and will not rush into relationships. Instead, I will take time to really understand and know a girl on a deep and personal level.” Ric advises other highschoolers to learn from his lesson, take life slower, and actually think before acting.

Weeks after the incident, Ric’s Instagram status was changed from ‘highschooler keeping it cooler’ to ‘|8-15-19| <3’. Intrigued by this update, we questioned him on his updated status. According to Ric, he was playing Minecraft Mondays, where he met an e-girl. “We just really kicked it off. I feel like e-girls are more mature and able to handle someone with more experience unlike highschoolers.” Ric has already purchased a ring, and plans to propose when he meets her at the empty Walmart parking lot.

By: Caleb K.

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